Diversity Awareness and Sensitivity Training

Diversity awareness is not an indulgent extra. Firms and organisations that are insensitive to the particular needs of their diverse workforce will not only alienate their employees but may also open themselves up to legal action.

This does not mean that diversity awareness training and policy should necessarily be a defensive mechanism. Many studies have shown that greater diversity in an organisation leads to better decision making as it brings varied perspectives and fresh ways of thinking. Organisations ought to value and celebrate the richness of diversity and the benefits it brings to everyone.

We work closely with our clients to create bespoke programmes that address their particular needs. Our programmes can vary from a short presentation on the value of diversity to a detailed series of lectures and workshops introducing the history, ideas and practices of particular cultures, faith groups and other minorities.  In addition to the fascinating theory we are very much focused on practical application. Our goal is to help organisations create environments that respect, nurture and benefit from diversity.